Got's wife admitted: She wondered the golden glory at the hardest time!

adminNovember 30, 2018

Three years ago Charles Charles overcome the fight against lymph node cancer. Only recently he was back in bed a couple of times, and he healed because of his troublesome breathing system and weakened immunity. He was in quarantine quarantine and could only go to doctors, nurses and wife with ribs.

They have had respiratory problems.

Gott's wife admitted:

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The divine Kaya is currently out of the worst outdoors and the woman stands next to him. However, in the toughest moments he did not tell the truth and conceal important information. But everything was done for his good. "It was awful, a complete sense of hopelessness! Especially when they showed me pictures, that Charles is here today, I really consider a miracle. We prayed for him every day. It looked very bad, as he did not even know, because it would ruin it, " She told Ivan, who tried to protect her husband by hiding information.

However, the pictures that saw the severity of his cancer, then got good in the end. "These shots showed me the professor when it was good! He asked," Do you want to see it? "He pulled them out of the computer and compared them with the new ones." We were clearly on track. "I thank the doctor too much. it does not work, " Maestro said in a joint interview for Mlad√° fronta Dnes daily.

Her wife is a great support to Charles.

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