"Goodbye Germany" (Vox): Homeless with Baby – TV emigrants failed

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Live where others go on holiday – that's what "Goodbye Germany" is all about. For some, it's still a dream. A couple from the show are now homeless.

Malibu – Palms instead of prefabricated buildings, sun instead of snow and year round holiday feeling: that's what the participants of the Vox series "Goodbye Deutschland" are hoping for. But in the last episode of the documentary file on Monday night, the station showed some emigrants, because the dream of happiness in the distance became a nightmare.

This is what Tommy Lotz (29), who turned his back on Germany 12 years ago, and sought his luck in the US, also went. But even in the land of opportunity, it is difficult to find a job without training. As a result, Tommy struck a homeless man at Malibu Beach for two years. Over the Internet, he met Hungarian Noemi (33), who eventually moved to him in the United States. As a love nest of the young couple, a tent camp served on the beach.

Tommy from "Goodbye Germany" threatens homelessness with his family

But it went up: The two found the work, married in 2015, and also the new generation was not long in coming. With son Leo they lived in a small apartment – but because the money for the rent was not enough, they had to move out. The young family now threatened a life on the streets, because there are no social security measures comparable to those in Germany in the United States. "I have to find accommodation for my wife, myself and our baby," Tommy said in front of the camera.

And the 29-year-old is fortunate: A relief organization paid for his little family for four weeks a motel, where the two emigrants with their baby are currently. So long now they have time to find a cheap apartment. But upon arrival in their new home, the shock follows. Cracked tiles, mildew and dirt in the bathroom, it smells and the bedding from the previous tenant was not changed. For Tommy is clear: This is a stop. He wants to get out of here as soon as possible.

Video: That's why Jörg and Kathrin are no longer in Tenerife

Peter was without an apartment and without a partner

As focus.de reports, Tommy now has a job where he earns better. So the family can probably move back to a real home in the near future.

Things are different for the 58-year-old Peter Holz. The former entrepreneur wanted to live with his new life partner in Mallorca first of his initial capital of 40,000 euros and later find a job in the "holiday industry". But his wife, who had lived in Germany, did not seem to like much about this project. She emptied the joint account, Peter was homeless and not only stood there without a flat, but also without a partner.

Meanwhile, the 58-year-old lives in a small apartment. The rent is 150 euros per month, running water and electricity does not exist. He finances himself by collecting "donations" on the street. He didn't want to ask, he explains – because he wouldn't address anyone directly to ask for money.

"Goodbye Germany": Bernd and Ralph can't afford their own apartment

And another emigrant duo tries to stay afloat on the Palma streets: Bernd and Ralph entertain passers-by every day with a small show of giant soap bubbles. Enough for their own apartment, they do not deserve it. Then they live in a floating near the famous cathedral. Bernd has lived there for eight years. Although he doesn't feel there, but he thinks every day, it can get better again.

Jörg (49) has not given up hope yet. 30 years ago he emigrated, failed again and again and returned to Germany. Here he lived in a house for the homeless. But with his girlfriend Kathrin he took him away remotely: In Mallorca he offered tours as a free promoter, while Kathrin worked as a waiter. The money is just so, but Jörg again had big dreams: He wanted to make his own agency and offer tours. His plan failed, and Kathrin and Jörg had to go back to an emergency room. But Jörg is still optimistic: "You're just losing when the game is over," he says.

They are definitely among the winners of "Goodbye Germany": Reimanns is Germany's cult immigrant family.

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