"Goodbye Germany": Homeless with a child? This is how Emigrant Tommy does in the United States today

adminJanuary 8, 2019

In 2010, Tommy moved from Hamburg to sunny Los Angeles. But instead of the Hollywood glamor, he came to the bottom of the facts – on the Malibu beach in the tent.

In 2013, "Goodbye Deutschland" followed Tommy Lotz (29) for the first time in the foreigner to Los Angeles. But the young man called down what one would call a failed existence: he lived on the beach in a tent, was considered homeless. Now, just over five years later, he has turned his life – yet homelessness is again threatening.

That was how he changed in five years

Meanwhile, Tommy married, has met on the Internet, the Hungarian Noemi (33), with whom he lived only one year in Hungary and then returned to LA. "From the airport we went to the tent shop and then lived in the tent for four months," said the emigrant. But then they both find a job and can afford an apartment.

Caro Robens turned her life – or rather her appearance – within a year on her head. How much she has changed since the beginning of 2018, see the following video:

So great luck: A few months ago, the two parents were for the first time. Little Leo sees the light of day. But now there's a new problem: With $ 2000 Tommy earning per month, he can only pay the rent. The wages of his wife fall away. Tommy's father in Germany supports the small family. But it's over now.

They were again threatened with homelessness

During the film, the small family actually loses the apartment. But they get a room in a motel through an organization for homeless families. When referring to this "condo" is the audience: It still looks like it has left the previous tenant. Bed broken, rubbish is everywhere. But at least one roof over my head. What will be their new home in just four weeks, their sleep will be three months.

You are one of the successful immigrants in LA: Family Bonaventura. But in the BUNTE.de interview, they had to admit: "It sounds so easy …" What you mean, you will learn in the following video:

Why doesn't Tommy go back to Germany with his little family and prefer to stay in the US? He is aware that he would have better chances in Germany, would get support from the state – but "in Germany is not so" nice weather ".

After all, it is three months after the last visit of the film crew news: Tommy has found a job, worked as a taxi driver. He fights hard for a better life for his family. Eight years after emigrating to his native country, he does not give up – he wants to pay his debt, find an apartment and finally buy a house where Leo can grow up.

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