"Goodbye Germany" at Vox: Falling pictures of Caro Robens appeared – Panorama

adminJanuary 10, 2019

"Goodbye Germany" at Vox: Fierce photos surfaced – so only Caro Robens has changed in just one year

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S & # 39; Arenal. Vox-Auswanderin Caroline Robbens has changed her appearance sometimes. First she was an unknown teacher, after hard training she became a muscular bodybuilder. She used to have blonde curls, so she made a radical short haircut.

Last year she sat under the knife to create a more feminine face. Her path to beauty surgeons was thus off Vox-Sendung "Goodbye, Germany"Accompanied.

"Goodbye Germany": Caroline Robens lets the kilo dry

The TV emigrant always documents her changes thoroughly on her private Facebook page and on Instagram. There is also the next step in Ballermann's small power plant shown.


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"Goodbye Germany": Caro Robens makes announcement

Caro Robbens shows three pictures in one. All three are said to have sprung up over the past twelve months. With the picture being "Goodbye, Germany"Participant in an announcement, who will begin the next change." Since yesterday, it's time again. The hard diet has begun, feasting and enjoying is over, "the emigrant writes.

See significant changes in Caroline Robens

The picture on the left shows her in January 2018 with a body weight of 71.8 kilos. In the middle, six months later, the operator of a El Arenal gym gets sunburned in a typical bodybuilder position. Then she claims that she has lost nearly 20 kilos, her muscles are much more defined.

The picture to the right should be three days old and again Caro Robbens 20 kg heavier in winter (71.4 kg).

Weight fluctuations of 20 kilos within 12 months? It sounds like hard training and strict diet: and that's exactly what will start again, as she announces. "But I'm sure it can be done and above all, it will be worth it," she says VoxBodybuilder optimistic.

New long hair

But her friends warned her earlier: "Start apologizing to me in my environment for my future moods" – and seem to speak from experience.

A detail is in addition to muscle and weight as well as: Caroline Robbens has taken on her short hairstyle and has her long blonde hair again. How did she do it within a year, her secret remains. (Ug)

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