Golden Globes: Jameela Jamil praised by fans to wear jeans under the dress on red carpet

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Jameela Jamil has been praised by fans for wearing a pair of jeans under her Golden Globes dress.

The British actor, who originated as Tahani Al-Jamil, hit NBC comedy The good place, attended the 76th Golden Globe Awards tonight at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, California.

For the star-studded incident, Jamil chose to wear a bright coral dress designed by Monique Lhuillier, but underneath the lovely pink tulle layers, Jamil had added an extra outfit to avoid the evening.

"An experienced woman wears jeans under her Golden Globes dress because it is forking COLD," the actor wrote on Twitter along with a video in which she revealed the hidden garment during her limo tour to the awards show.

On Instagram, 32-year-old added: "Wear jeans under my dress because I refuse to be cold for fashion", before blinking a glance at the blue denim.

The actress showed off her fashion check once again when she hit the red carpet with the help of her co-star William Jackson Harper.

Jamil's fans couldn't get enough of the smart trick and praised Jamil for "keeping it real".

"That's why we love you," wrote one person.

Another added, "Love that you wear jeans under haha ​​legend."

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A third person commented: "I've used thermal under a tux before. No judgment here."

To gain access to her floating dress and jeans combo, Jamil ran a clutch that contained a Time & # 39; s Up X2 band, in support of the movement against sexual harassment in the workforce.

"Celebrating @timesupnow efforts to double the amount of women and minorities at the helm of Hollywood and the height of all women's industries," she wrote on the Instagram story.

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