Golden Globes 2019: The satanic church responds to Christian Bale's speech

adminJanuary 8, 2019

This year's Golden Globes gala has left us with real momentas It will be difficult to forget, but no one has had as much influence as thanks from Christian Bale to Satan, for inspiration to interpret the former vice president of the United States Dick Cheney.

Only when it seemed that this fun comparison would be an anecdote, the wave of reactions and responses to Bale's speech has come, among them replica of the satanic church, the true worshipers of the Lord of darkness: "For us, Satan is a symbol of pride, freedom, and individualism, and it serves as a metaphorical projection of our authentic potential as human beings. And as it has been his own talent and ability that has given Mr. Bale his prize, it works right. Praise Christian! Praise Satan! "

The reactions to the satanic church's reaction were not long in coming, and in today's present political and social climate, Lucifer mixed himself with the image of ex-politician it does not seem to have fallen in grace to certain sectors of the North American city: "Interesting interpretation (lie) of the fallen angel (father of the lie) What was the PROHIBITED by God and the DEPHATE of Jesus! You are in the lost side … and yes, God loves you. … BORN HURRY and ask for forgiveness and thus Jesus will forgive you! ".

surprising, the ultra-Catholic American sector has not understood joke, more focused on the figure of Cheney, as Bale gives life in "The Vice of Power", that of Satan, generates a whole conversation on Twitter about the figure of the fallen angel: "You should change the name to" Anti-Christ "Beelzebub, Since you are the opposite of a Christian and probably love Beelzebub, Baphomet and / or Lucifer. Many celebrities practice Satanism. The perfect religion for the selfish, narcissistic and elite idiots. "

It seems like that Bale's "grace" has not had the effect that the actor expected, His political criticism has turned into a war between heaven and hell that seems to come out of a novel by Dan Brown and American society. As usual, he preferred to focus on a topic that had little to do with the origin of the problem. Although it does not seem to be honest, the satanic church does not seem to have helped calm this absurd and sometimes funny, polemical. However, the real controversy has come up with answers from someone who has something to say about it.

Christian Bale Satan Golden Globes

Rebellion of Cheney's daughter

Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney, couldn't help but respond to Christian Bale's comments, that he may have crossed a line when he compares his father to Satan himself, eventually a man like Cheney takes that kind very seriously.

The daughter of the former vice president went to Twitter to remind everyone that her father may not be an angel, but Christian Bale is also not a saint: "Satan has probably also inspired him to do this: "Christian Bale arrested for attacking his mother and sister".

The actor had problems with the law over ten years ago, and Liz Cheney has no doubt about him. Fortunately for Christian Bale, it looks like no one remembers anymore, because all the attention of his fans and the media is on his career and his interpretation of Dick Cheney in & # 39; The Power of Vice Force & # 39; which appears in Spanish theaters on January 11th.

The best moments for the Golden Globes 2019

1 Emma Stone apologizing for Aloha & # 39;
Emma Stone apologizing for Aloha & # 39;

Although the introduction of Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg was a bit unpleasant to see, it was a wonderful moment when they celebrated Crazy Rich Asians. as "The first movie of a great studio with Asian cast from & # 39; Ghost in the Shell & # 39; and & # 39; Aloha & # 39;", two films criticized for whitewashing. From the audience, Emma Stone was heard and shouted an opinion: "I'm sorry!" for Aloha, a movie he was playing on.

2 All Lady Gaga
All Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga cried by winning the Golden Globe for the best song. Bradley Cooper places the Lady Gaga dress throughout the night. Lady Gaga holds pullita to "100 people in a room …". Lady Gaga greeted Glenn Close when he lost the Golden Globe, but he did it against a legend. Lady Gaga and her feminist claim in the music industry.

3 Willem Dafoe rejects syringes
Willem Dafoe rejects syringes

Since Golden Globes already has food, Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg announced that they had another "sincere moment to show that they are normal people" prepared and that was just distributing influensavacciner. But who would think of trying to puncture Willem Dafoe.

4 Sandwiches by Melissa McCarthy
Sandwiches by Melissa McCarthy

It seems that there is tradition in the Golden Globes, as in Feroz, that, despite having food, they will end up being hungry. Melissa McCarthy had the solution: Bring sandwiches and distribute them to your guests. Olivia Colman thanked him in his speech when he received the Golden Globe.

5 The presentation by Carol Burnett by Steve Carell
The presentation by Carol Burnett by Steve Carell

The "Welcome to Marwen" actor earned as an Oscar presenter by creating an ingenious, entertaining and moving presentation of the first recipient of an honorary award for an entire television career in Golden Globe's story: Carol Burnett: "Make Tom Hanks a fun one".

6 Carol Burnett's own speech
Carol Burnett's own speech

Carol Burnett Prize Winner, Carol Burnett, made a valuable thank-you note a statement of love for television And all the people who helped him fulfilled their dreams and followed him on the small screen for so many years. Much more successful than a scattered Jeff Bridges to receive his honorary award.

7 The promise of Regina King
The promise of Regina King

Regina King, winner of the Best Supporters Award for The Blues of Beale Street, She promised to have a team of at least 50% of the women in all the projects she is a producer ofand threw a glove on the participants to do the same. It was a gala with many protests, but very good taste, as Rachel Brosnahan said she was very proud of the Wonderful Mrs. Maisel & # 39; to be "a city that is a matriarchy".

8 Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph
Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph

All that did not shine the official presenters made this duo of comics even "committed" in the middle of the gala. Perhaps they should make Amy Poehler a lifetime presenter of these awards.

9 Sandra Oh, better winner than presenter
Sandra Oh, better winner than presenter

Although a ceremony master did not shine the star play in one of the most welcoming moments of the gala to receive the Best Actress Award in a dramatic series for "Killing Eve" and, in addition to being patidifusa, show their feelings by sharing it with their parents, who were among the audience.

10 Discussion with the manufacturer of "American Crime Story"
Discussion with the manufacturer of "American Crime Story"

It was a pretty healthy prize as "American Crime Story: The Murder of Gianni Versace", but that didn't mean that the speech of Brad Simpson, the producer of the series, was one of the best nights. With reference to the time the series takes place, he added: "These forces are still among us. (…) They tell us we should fear those who are different from us. They tell us that we are going to build walls around us. As artists, we must try to represent those who are not represented and make room for people who are new voices of stories that have not been told. (…) As humans, we will resist in the streets, we will resist in the polls, and we will practice love and empathy in our daily lives. Our series is a series of epochs, but those powers are not history. They are here between us And we must resist".

11 Finally, someone remembers Satan
Finally, someone remembers Satan

See that it was weird talk, from Jeff Bridges to a detached Olivia Colman thanking her "bitches", Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz. But we are left with moments off Christian Bale dedicated the award to Satan to give him the inspiration to legitimize Dick Cheney, US Vice President, in "The Power of Deputy".

12 The 93 years of Dick Van Dyke
The 93 years of Dick Van Dyke

In addition to the two awards, there was a person who was able to lift the entire Beverly Hilton: Dick Van Dyke. Bursting with energy at 93, he had a great time with Emily Blunt who presented the nomination for "The Return of Mary Poppins". He read the prompts without problems, she had to take out her glasses and said: "I don't know how to do it!".

13 Glenn Close Shock
Glenn Close Shock

The games, Twitter and almost everyone assumed that the Golden Globe was for Lady Gaga. And no, it was for Glenn Close. She had not expected it herself. His face and his speech were of the most welcoming moments of the night. His speech was amazing, a boast of empowerment. "Women are expected to be breeders, we have children, husbands … but we must look for our personal fulfillment. We must pursue our dreams. We must say, "I can do that and I should be allowed to get it".

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