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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Jim Carrey went back to stealing the show at Golden Globes 2019. This time, the actor was nominated for his leading role in the comedy series "Kidding", "forced" to move to the nominated areas of the TV categories by Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg, The gala presenters in the middle of laughter's laughter.

"Can I at least take my dinner?" reacted the actor who generated more laughter among the participants at the 2019 galaxy in the Golden Globes.

Carrey defended her place in the tables of the nominees in the cinema side tabs "He finished the movie" Sonic "", tape that will be released in November. "Okay, come back the year you come, I'm sure you're nominated"Samberg answered with a laugh. Jim Carrey's participation, known for comedy performances as "The Mask" or "Liar, liar", went viral on social networks.


With the ceremony for Golden Globes The Hollywood Awards season starts with a brighter tone than last year, dominated by the severity of the speakers from the Me Too movement. From Beverly Hills, the best of cinema and TV will be awarded. ¿"A star is born"Or"Black Panther"Vice" or "Green Book"?Alfonso Cuarón or Bradley Cooper? So far, there are no clear favorites, but it's the big blockbusters of the year and the acclaimed critics: "Rome"of Cuarón.

"One star is born", the debut behind the scenes of Bradley Cooper, can win up to five awards: dramatic movie, director, actress (Lady Gaga), actor (Cooper) and song ("Shallow").

The film forms itself as a favorite according to analysts' forecasts in Hollywood gathered by the Gold Derby website, which sees her winning as the best dramatic movie, best actress and best song.

Another music that also competes as a drama is "Bohemian Rhapsody", the "bio-whip" of singer Freddie Mercury.

Complete this section "BlacKkClansman", "If Beale Street Could Talk" and "Black Panther".

However, "Vice" is the life of former Vice President Dick Cheney, with the six nominations film featuring multiple nominations.

Along with "Vice", they will compete for the award for the best comedy or music movie "Green Book", "Mary Poppins Returns", "The Favorite" and "Crazy Rich Asians".

Alfonso Cuarón could also get his character thanks to "Rome", which after being recognized by critics could take world of gold for a better foreign film, but it also won nominations for best director and best scripts that could make her the big winner of the night.


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