Golden Globes 2019. Christian Bale, shock talk: Thank you, Satan, for inspiration!

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Christian Bale thanked Satan during his Golden Globe speech after being nominated as the best actor in comedy or musical.

"Thanks, Satan, for giving me inspiration to play this role," said a 44-year-old actor who won the award for his role in Dick Cheney, according to

Shortly after the celebrity statement, "Satan's Church" group responded to Twitter. "For us, Satan is a symbol of pride, freedom and individualism, and acts as an external metaphorical projection of our highest potential." Bale's talent and understanding have helped him win the prize, so this is proven. "

"Satan's Church" is considered to be the greatest satanic religious movement of such movements that have arisen over time.

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Also during the acceptance speech, the British actress thanked his wife, saying, "She knows the shit that sometimes comes out of my mouth. I can ruin an extremely good movie and a career in a speech. This advice, my love".

Bale made jokes to director Adam McKay, who threw him as Cheney: "He said," I have to find someone who could be completely charismatic and averse to everyone, so I chose Christian Bale ".

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