Goku and Vegeta returned! The premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39;

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Goku and Vegeta are in trouble: Earth is in danger and it is a duty to save it. That's why, in the theaters in Colombia, thousands of spectators eagerly await the two most powerful Saiyajins to defeat Broly, the enemy that came from a distant corner of the universe to make both themselves claim to the limits of their forces or, even if it sounds crazy, beyond.

& # 39; Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; the new movie from the famous Japanese animation series – which premieres on national screens – promises to be a joy to extreme battles, where it will be revealed the origins of Saiyajin's great power, the warriors' race like Goku, Vegeta and Broly itself are part of, which had already appeared in other films in the saga which appeared as a soulless competitor and crowded in rage.

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The movie – the third since the creator of the "universe" Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama and the animation company Toei, decided to launch Dragon Ball Super in 2015 to provide continuity to the series-, is a new nod to a fanatic who bought the massive tickets in every pre-sale team in Latin America.

One of the most exciting people with that expectation is Mario Castañeda, a 56-year-old Mexican voice actor, who 22 years ago gives voice to Goku, the protagonist of history.

Castañeda, also recognized for interpreting Latin actors such as Jim Carrey and Bruce Willis, and being the voice of characters like MacGyver, spoke to El País about this new movie by Dragon Ball, the series that he said changed his life. . Let the fight begin …

What can you tell us about this new Dragon Ball movie?

I could define it as a movie with a lot of action, with a big enemy (Broly), with Goku and with Vegeta. Anyway, I think this new release has everything a fan expects and wants to see from Dragon Ball. It's very dynamic, and I think fans of the series will like it a lot.

What makes it special in relation to other films in the series?

Look, Dragon Ball has had this revive or bring back great enemies that have appeared throughout the series. In the previous film, Frieza was revived, but a new character has also appeared, such as Bills, the god of destruction.

So I think having good signs from the past has been a success. And that means Broly. This character has appeared in previous films and fans remember him as an enemy that was impossible to beat. Bringing an opponent who is theoretically very powerful and confronting Goku and Vegeta is very interesting. Let's see what's going on.

What did you like most about interpreting Goku again?

I can't say it yet (laughs). I really like what I do. In addition, it is the detail that Dragon Ball theoretically had completed many years ago, but here it is again and certainly later, it will get a new story. It seems that the series has no end, being here, giving the voice of Goku for 22 years is incredible.

How much has Goku changed throughout the series and now with the new movies?

I think Goku hasn't changed anything. Perhaps now it is a little more immature, more childish and more playful and that the fans do not end up liking them because they do not like children, but adults, want to see him more serious and more formal, act like a hero, but reality is that Goku is a great boy who has fun and it seems that this is something people still do not understand.

Goku is basically good. That's his definition. Vegeta is a sign that has changed a lot, but Goku has always been that way since childhood. He will never change, and that is something that will always cause problems.

Vegeta has changed too much. Can you say he's now more complicated than Gokus rival?

In him it will always be the dilemma of being a saiyan, but also knowing a landman. I think both are the perfect opponent of the other because they can measure their strength and increase their technique and combat level. They are not enemies, but I think they will never become classic friends. That way, Vegeta has grown a lot because he stopped being a murderous Saiyan to be someone who has his family on earth. Now it's your planet.

Will Broly have a new face?

I remember a lot his past appearances and people, logically, have the image of the Broly. In this film, Akira Toriyama puts her hands on the sign (the previous stories were not his) and I think it will be up to what people want. I'm sure you won't disappoint them, but everyone will make their conclusions.

What has the fact of being the voice of Goku for 22 years meant for your life?

Dragon Ball has given me a lot. Thanks to Goku, I have traveled to events and conventions throughout Latin America, and that's something voters didn't have before. Playing Goku changed my life and made me part of this series of so many followers and so good all over the world.

Does dubbing actors really have many fans?

Today, yes, but it is something that did not copy before, now, thanks to the Internet, we have left the anonymity. Being part of such a known series generates expectations and a wave of devotion to the actors. We are fortunate and grateful, there is no way to give back everything they give us.

What message do you send to all the Colombian fans who count every hour before watching the movie?

Well, for all of you, a very devoted greeting. Thanks always for the positive answer and for the messages sent to me through social networks. I have always had a good relationship with the Colombians, and all their love is something invaluable.

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