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adminNovember 26, 2018

The Manhattan District Attorney's office decided not to accuse Harvey Weinstein of financial crimes arising from his agreements with sexual assault prosecutors.

The office of D.A. He had been exploring whether Weinstein misappropriated corporate resources to silence his alleged victims. Weinstein's lawyer, Ben Brafman, revealed in a statement on Sunday that the office has chosen not to pursue a case of white collar fraud.

"The fact that the District Attorney's Office officially closed its investigation does not surprise me in the least," Brafman said. "I have been explaining to them for almost a year that this investigation was a pointless trip since Mr. Weinstein never disappointed any company or person and always paid his own bills, or after that, by agreement, I reimbursed the company any personal expense ". If they had listened to me at the beginning, they would have saved the District Attorney a lot of time and money. "

The office of the D.A. He refused to comment.

Weinstein, 66, faces five counts of sexual assault and rape in New York with two women. Prosecutors agreed to withdraw a sixth indictment of criminal sexual acts involving a third woman, Lucia Evans, after a friend of Evans filed a contradictory statement. According to the AD, the chief New York police detective on the case did not disclose that conflicting account to the prosecutors, and discouraged the friend from introducing himself.

Weinstein's lawyers have tried to have the entire case dismissed because of police misconduct. A hearing is set for December 20.

Weinstein has also faced scrutiny from federal prosecutors, although no federal charges have been filed.

Weinstein's employment agreement with Weinstein Co. included a clause according to which Weinstein would have to reimburse the company for the liquidation costs incurred due to violations of the company's code of conduct. The contract also included an increasing series of sanctions for each case.

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