Give the truth about the death of Juan Gabriel

adminDecember 31, 2018

The truth about Juan Gabriel's death has been a matter that continues to turn in the media, nationally and internationally. There are thousands of people, especially the fans wondering if "Divo de Juárez" is really alive.

In the face of this great riddle, his alleged last partner, Ephraim Martinez, decided to talk to an international media and reveal the truth about the singer's death, thus definitely throwing away all the hypotheses created with this topic.

"Juan Gabriel, I am sure he is not alive, but maybe people will believe it, they will believe it, and they are emotions there. And it is good to have that illusion, but you have to accept things as they are, " expressed the man who has been considered the alleged last romance with the Mexican artist.

Efrain assured that it is a lie all the information circulating about Juan Gabriel and the possibility that he lives. He also stressed that he was in the singer's last minute, but "it's something of me, and I've never talked to anyone."

Efraín said it was never a 911 call from him, On the contrary, he asked for support from the workers to help Juan Gabriel when he went down.

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