Gillian Anderson speaks to Tacheles: "Sex education" doesn't hide anything

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Confusing puberty, raw sexuality and high school: the new Netflix series Sex Education sounds like any other "Coming of Age" story – but it's not. By the way, the good old "Act X" Scully makes you hot sex goddess here.

First you have to say one thing: This series is not for a short stream in public transport. Because in "Sex Education" it is – as the title suggests – for sex. And the red, clean, pure sex. Screen-filling, clearly recognizable genitals, which do not disappear as in the "Shades of Gray" films halfway behind a dark silhouette. If you only face reddening on the face, avoid avoiding the series. But those who are brave enough will be surprised with a great plot.

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For the jammed to masturbate: Virgin Otis (Asa Butterfield, the little sweet from "Hugo Cabret") finds it not easy as the only child of the outspoken sex therapist Jean (Gillian Anderson) and Remi (James Purefoy). But just because the parents do nothing in terms of sexuality, the inexperienced nerd has a fantastic expertise. Without further ado, Otis provides a secret underground sex practice at Moordale High School with rebel Maeve (Emma Mackey) and best friend Eric (Ncuti Gatwa).

There he gets to hear and see something for a good fee: Giant penis after ingestion of Viagra, stories of breathless pubic hair or fatal sex abuse. Otis will not really do anything else, but complete his school without major injuries, lose his innocence and eventually succeed at Maeve. But where are the feelings throughout sex stress?

The first episode of "Sex Education" works, apart from the rich only facts, almost arbitrarily. But the longer the consequences develop, the better the eight-part series by the author Laurie Nunn. And this is largely due to the large gang.

Never before has anyone played as convincingly as Asa Butterfield a shy virgin with her big blue eyes and planned looks. Like a hot sexguru without obstacles, Gillian Anderson also steals right into our hearts. In fact, sexual education itself is a small therapy session. It answers some questions you never come to. Summer is read.

The eight episodes of "Sex Education" will be released on Netflix January 11th.

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