"Gift": It was the only betrayal! Eliana confirms ex-man's romance with Ana – National

adminDecember 28, 2018

After Rumors that Dave has changed his wife, Eliana, for another "Married at First Sight" bride, the former receptionist confirmed everything on social networks.
"I'm grateful for the messages you sent me, I just ask, please, don't ask me anymore, that's what's out there (without comment)," wrote Eliana on an InstaStory.

The young woman from Caldas da Rainha and Dave signed the divorce on December 20 in Setúbal, and Don't hide tears outside the conservatory.

Eliana confirms rumors about Dave and Ana's relationship

Now it is known that The surfer was involved with the dancer and training instructor Ana, as divorced Hugo.

Rumors of alleged fraud began about a month ago. "TV Guide" reported it Ana was taken to bed with Dave, but SIC did not want to transfer the images of "catch" because they escaped the goal of the program.

"Hugo was" broken "and felt unfaithful. He excluded everything. He didn't let her know he was interested in Dave," a source near the Reuters magazine said. According to the same source, when it was flagrant, Ana has asked that the production of the program is not with the man, Hugo, but her will was denied. The 2 can only stay in separate apartments.

After the program's recording, Ana and Hugo continued to meet. "She was seen several times in Carcavelos with him. They didn't conceal that they had anything. They were beyond intimate, "another source said.

On social networks, Ana refused everything in exchange for comments with her successors. "We are good friends, but they are rumors," he replied.

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