Gia Giudice's Instagram message for his dad Joe Gets Backlash

adminOctober 16, 2018


Earlier this week, The real housewives of New Jersey The husband of the star Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice, was ordered to be deported back to his native country, Italy, after serving three years on fraud charges. Shortly after the news broke, Teresa and Joe's teenage daughter, Gia, shared an Instagram message for dad Joe, and received a lot of reaction online because she also shared a video clip with a message that many considered racist.

Gia, 17, moved to Instagram to share a video clip now removed from comedian Fred Rubino, who is known for his controversial statements on social networks. Fred pleaded for Gia's father, Joe, after the news about his deportation.

"I just saw on the news the Joe Giudice of the [Real] The housewives of New JerseA judge told who is in jail for a white collar crime that when he is released, he has to be deported to Italy. What happened to all the things in DACA? "Oh, you can not deport, they've been in this country for so long," Fred said in the video, shared by Gia. "This guy has been in the country since he was a baby, he only knows the United States, he has a family here with children, and now we will deport him and keep hundreds of thousands of ICE rapists and murderers so that they do not The only difference is that Joe Giudice is Italian and the others are South American or Mexican, it's a racist, broken system, and where's the outrage, where's the outrage against Joe, there's no outrage. "

Gia added a message to her father in the legend, and she deactivated the comments of the publication, apparently aware that she would get a violent reaction to share the clip. "Spread the word, I could have said it better myself … I love you, dad, let's fight against this! [Fred Rubino] Thank you, "Gia wrote in the legend.

But the fans took some of Gia's oldest publications to express their outrage at what they felt was a very racist message that Fred and Gia shared. "[Andy[Andy[Andy[Andy
Cohen]What are you doing about it? I'm sure you've seen his publication ignorant and racist. This is beyond the hole of the day … she has a platform
to republish racist criticism thanks to the fact that their parents of poor quality celebrities are in their network. They need to be fired! ", Wrote an angry fan.

Fans also took Instagram from Gia's mom, Teresa, to share her disappointment as well. "Your daughter just published a video of this type that says that Mexicans and Central Americans should be deported because they are criminals and very racist comments … I never thought you and your daughters were racists," wrote one fan and another commented: "F – k This racist family."


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