"Germany looks for superstar" 2019: Fremdschäm-Alarm! Strong criticism for the DSDS jury

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On Saturday night (05.01.2018) the casting show starts "Germany looks for the superstarin season 16. This time pop pops titanium Dieter Bohlen first class support in the jury: Xavier Naidoo. Pietro Lombardi and Oana Nechiti Set yourself beside him. But if so RTLFormat, including jury members in the audience, who actually come so well, remains doubtful.

"Germany is looking for superstar": Even before the start, there is a lot of criticism from Twitter

Nevertheless, Dieter Bohlen is convinced of the new season DSDS and especially his colleagues. He literally talked, "The best jury at any time," he called the new composition. On the other hand, it does not sound like euphoric in the Twitter show – even before the start of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". The card messaging service has a number of critical voices. "Amazing how long such a casting show could last", "Is #DSDS still not falling?" or "Why is it still this format so that one of the candidates for 2-3 years in the jungle can?" Ask as many Twitter users.

"Virtually a Ray Charles in the Let & # 39; s Dance Jury": jury members do not convince

But even the jury itself must be nicely criticized. "Do you think the jury is serious?" Nem asks and another asks for subtitle Pietro – too difficult, of course, what the former American idol candidate says. The "best jury of all time" – not at all about the audience: "The problem is that I can take Pietro and Xavier even less seriously than the candidates." Also, the "best jury of all time" has been repeatedly emphasized, so many go against the grain: "How much money have they paid for which the candidates call the jury the best jury all the time?", "Every year it is the best jury as any Once existed, how does DSDS do it? "

But especially Oana Nechiti seems to be a total abortion of the inclined Twitter audience: "Why is Oana at the jury, who has anything to do with singing?" Or "Oana is as good as a Ray Charles in the Let & # 39; s Dance Jury" are the disillusioned comments.

"freakish and trashy": DSDS candidates just embarrassing

Even the candidate election does not convince the Twitter community. "Does the program really mean" The eternal maximum pain of lingering death? "", "Is RTL actually presented psychologically ill again ????", "Was #DSDS always so shameless and rubbish as this year?" These are just some of the hard judgments. Just worse is the jury's decisions. This is especially true of candidate Nico (23), the "Donauer kids" to Rammstein screaming more than singing – and surpassingly. "New concept of planks: let even the worst participants, because for the winner yet no one cares."

DSDS fans miss Menderes Bagci – where is he?

But on the Twitter community it is certain: Menderes must return. When the candidate Alpay Özkuk (21) sings "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson and does not sound, the length of the cult candidate increases: "Oh god … mendereeeeez … where are you?", "We want # Menderes back!" , "Menderes could do better" or – again with a sweep on the jury – "Menderes looks almost respectful to the jury".

Yes, but where is Menderes? He had recently confirmed via Facebook his participation in the charity concert for the late November Jens Büchnerbut not for "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". It is a pity.

DSDS lawyer Pietro Lombardi in high spirit: "IT WILL BE FENOMEN"

The former US idol candidate and new lawyer Pietro Lombardi obviously do not tolerate such criticism. Instead, he expects the feverishly broadcast of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" for several weeks and raves about his new job, "IT WILL BE PHENOMENAL", he lets his fan base on Instagram know. There is also a short video of a DSDS candidate when he presents the song "Phenomenal" by Pietro – and the same confused. Pietro's fans are crazy and distribute almost 40,000 hearts. If this enthusiasm actually continues, remains to be seen.

"Germany looks for the superstar" from 05.01.2019 on RTL TV

The new episodes "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" will be shown after the first episode on Saturday from Tuesday 8 January, then on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 20:15. At the recall in Ischgl, the 25 final candidates qualify for the trip. The consequences from Thailand can finally be seen from March 2019.

PHOTO: "Germany looks for the superstar" Do you remember these American Idol faces?

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