Gemini – Tuesday, January 8, 2019: An exciting and second week

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Astrological news: The moon is in transit with the sign of Aquarius and all planets are direct. Today, number three counts as a universal numerical vibration. Your ruler, the planet Mercury, is in Capricorn.

Since the transit line your ruler Mercurio began with the Capricorn sign, Saturday 5 notes that your pending issues are beginning to take another trip, more solid and secure. The problems that were shaken or unstable, in economic or labor, begin to glimpse with a fixed tone. You will also notice how communication with others is directly without being offensive, and you find the exact words at the right time to express your thoughts clearly because you know better than any meaning of communication since it depends on what we follow well with others , we can spend our time properly and fully enjoy each day without having to confront or discuss with those who have different opinions to us.

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Your good communicative quality today will be the factor that will allow you to fix a complicated situation that arose in the past due to a poor interpretation. You are with all direct planets and the energy flows, don't be afraid to apologize, they will be accepted, the mistake would be to be quiet and in love these things are paid.

At this astral stage, your health is well supported, but it will largely depend on how you carry your life regime. The right half between feeding, resting and exercise gives you the expected results. Don't let inertia prevent you from achieving results in everything you do now.

I work
Expect a good decision about a work process that has worried you recently, Geminian. On the other hand, if you still don't have a job, you spend these days finding it either via the Internet or in the ads shown in the boxes. Now, with all direct planets, these steps become easier.

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Money and fortune
Your sixth feeling is very acute, Geminian. Address the inspirations, dreams and hunches that come to you at this time and they will indicate what you should do. It's good news, soon you'll get the money you've been waiting for for some time, but for reasons X has been delayed.

Astral biorhythm today
Sexual energy level this Tuesday: moderate.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: A sudden inspiration arising from the transit's influence on ruler Mercury, directly on a telluric element.
Dangerous Trend in Today's Tuesday in the Gemini Sign: Put a half-task to set yourself to do other deconcentrates and not channel your energy properly.
What should I avoid ?: Spend time trying to convince people whose views are completely contrary to yours, in social, religious or political matters.
Today's phrase: An insult is not answered with another insult, but with an elegant word, it is class and joke, the insults with insults respond to the two people at the same level with little education and elegance.

Dispossession to bless your home or business

Prediction of couples for today Tuesday
The Best Relationship Today: This Tuesday's thing will go great for you if your partner is a fire sign like Leo and Sagittarius and acceptable with Libra and Gemini.
The most tense relationship: can occur with a native of the virgin or the fish.
Your current compatibility: It is good with all characters even though it is unstable with soil and water.
If you are single or single: the simple speech that now encompasses you with the direct transit of the Mercury ruler of the Capricorn will help you find the right words to express your feelings to the person who interests you.

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