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adminOctober 31, 2018

The eighth season of Game of Thrones will be the last of the program, but it does not mean that fans can not see more of the fantastic world of George R. R. Martin.

HBO revealed that they would make a prequel to the spinoff series that thrilled fans of Game of Thrones, as many people felt it would be after season eight.

It was revealed that the prequel show would be set up thousands of years before the Game of Thrones events.

More specifically, it will be established during the Age of Heroes and the prequel pilot will start firing in February.

However, until now, it was not entirely clear where this new show would be established.

A recent casting call was published in Stage Pool, which is a Norwegian site for actors.

This casting call came with descriptions that called a diverse group of characters, which has led some fans to speculate on where the show could be set.

Several people have theorized that the prequel will be located in the fictional location of Essos.

For those who are not familiar with the geography of Game of Thrones, Essos is located east of Westeros.

It seems that the program has six characters, four men and two women, and they range from the last 20 to the 60 years of age.

Five of these roles will be regular in the series, and one of them will not be so involved in the other characters.

The casting directors look for a black male actor, and the rest are Caucasian, mostly Scandinavian or Germanic.

This untitled prequel to Game of Thrones will be created by Jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Secret Service, X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass) and Martin himself.

Goldman will write the script that is based on a story that she and Martin came up with together.

Meanwhile, this next prequel has already placed Australian superstar Naomi Watts in an important role.

The news was revealed by Entertainment Weekly, who confirmed that she would be playing a dark and complex addition to the world of Westeros.

According to the description, Naomi is willing to play "a charismatic sociality that hides a dark secret".

It seems that it will be very similar to Cersei Lannister of Lean Heady, but it is said that the world of this prequel is very different from that of the original series.

Martin has mocked that the new series could be called The Long Night, which certainly has a good tone of Game of Thrones.

The eighth season of Game of Thrones returns to the spring of 2019, and the prequel is expected to be released a year later in 2020.

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