Gaby Espino and Jaime Mayol: They put an end to the love affair

adminDecember 31, 2018

They both shouted love for the four winds, the desire to be together all their lives and "I love you" was endless … But Gaby Espino and Jaime Mayol they put an end point? to their relationship that began in April this year.

Although none of them formalized it in a public way, we could recognize people close to them both as the relationship ended in November, and that it would have been the actress who decided to end Mayol.

What was the trigger for the end of what seemed to be the couple's most in love with the year? According to our source, they did two workers' and personal agendas, living in different countries, making it difficult for them to spend more time together and cause misunderstandings.

The alarm continued when the two stopped adding pictures or videos together. Gaby stopped traveling to Puerto Rico where Jaime lives, and Mayol no longer went to Miami where Espino lives … In social networks, even though the Venezuelan actress continues to "give" to all Puerto Rico publications, he does not. same.

The most powerful messages he gave publicly, without making it clear, was the announcement of the separation following:

"The only constant thing in life is change. We will always have the opportunity to start over … so if today begins with more strength than ever, and comes back to fill you with illusions. There's a lot to do !!" !!!!!! I go with all baby day 1 ".

"Nothing better in life than a new dawn, a new opportunity! When we accept an end, we make room for new blessings! Give thanks to the people and situations that have brought you here and move on, fearlessly, facing up and focusing on to love, be happy and live with intensity! ".

We tried to communicate with the manager and advertising group of Gaby Espino for a response, but so far we have not received a response.

Gaby Espino and Jaime Puyol
Gaby Espino and Jaime Puyol

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