Gabriela Cristea, THE DEATH OF DURATION! Her little girl goes through a DRAMA DRAMA for a few weeks

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Gabriela Cristea's TV presenter's girl goes through the moments not a few weeks.

It is very difficult for Victoria to understand what is happening to her mother, in connection with Gabriela Cristea suffering from laryngitis, a problem that she is not allowed to talk too much, and if she does, she must whisper.

(Photo: Gabriela Cristea / Instagram)

For Victoria, who has a little over an infant, it's hard enough to understand why she can't talk to her mother more than she did before.

(Photo: Gabriela Cristea / Instagram)

As Victoria loves her, Gabriela Cristea makes an effort and talks to her in a whisper, and the little one is very careful, speaks to her the same, mimics her, writes

(Photo: Gabriela Cristea / Instagram)

The beautiful moderator of "I Love You, Don't See You" is about to become a mother for the second time this spring. Gabriela Cristea will bring the other little girl to the world.

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