Gabriela Cristea is born a few weeks earlier. "I don't have two years between the emperors"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Gabriela Cristea was invited to Xtra Night Show, from Antena 1, where she provided information about her pregnancy. The star confessed that he had to give birth a few weeks earlier.

"I'll be born in March, a half place … I have to be born faster because I don't have two years between the emperors … two or three weeks earlier", said the TV moderator, according to

The TV broadcaster also talked about the problems he had with laryngitis.

"The only thing that saved me was that I had aerosols with physiological serum … One night when I couldn't breathe, Tavi raised me and told me to go out to drink a brandy and come back …

I thought he would stay for two days, but no! … It was a viral job, and Victoria was originally a light form. After that, Tavi took a form, but not the way I had it. It took him a couple of days "said the star.

Gabriela Cristea has been on the small screens for many years and moderated countless shows at various TV stations. Gabriela Cristea is married to the music Tavi Clonda, with whom she has a little girl, Victoria. The star and her life partner will be fathers again this year. The TV presenter was married to businessman Marcel Toader, whom he divorced with a great scandal.

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