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adminOctober 24, 2018

G-Eazy and Halsey have broken sadly once again and this time they are realizing that the division will probably be permanent because of some problems that can not be fixed. A connoisseur tells us what difficulties prevent them from reconciling.

G-Eazy, 29, and Halsey, 24, have ended their romance once again, and although both are in love, Halsey is ready to end their commitment to be back home. "Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before they parted again, but they had to let Halsey do his thing and get him out of his system," said a source close to Halsey EXCLUSIVELY. Hollywoodlife. "Once the circle of confidence is broken, it really does not make sense to try again, but Halsey still loved G-Eazy, so he had to try again, so he did, and of course, it was the same result. And yes, his heart is broken again, but he knows he has to leave it because it will never work. "

G-Eazy and Halsey already separated once before in July, after having dates for almost a year and by the end of August they were together. Due to the problems that caused his first division, some of Halsey's friends saw the second division coming, a source told us earlier. "There was a reason why they separated in the first place, and nothing has really changed in the last few weeks," the source explained. "So, yes, nobody is really thinking that this is going to go into the distance."

Apparently, Halsey had a hard time trusting G-Eazy, who is the rapper, and since both are so busy with their careers, the situation got worse. "She simply can not trust him, both travel too much and are too far apart," the first source continued. "There are hot girls who throw themselves at him all the time when he's on the road, that's a great temptation, and she never knows what she's doing, she's never sure and that will only drive her crazy, so no matter how much it hurts, this time he has to get away forever. "

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