Furious, Laurence Boccolini responds to a surfer who had offended her as hypocrite

adminNovember 27, 2018

If the former Mayon mayor has talked a lot about her lately with her significant weight loss, this time it was to put a surfer in her place as she talked about the nights.

In the last few weeks in France, the "yellow beings" and their actions against Emmanuel Macron's economic policy have almost monopolized media. This gives very little room for other social problems such as the demonstration of nurses who took place last week in France. "
We were striving this week, who talked about it? Forgotten Nurses », wrote a young woman on social networks.

Engaged for many causes such as pediatric cancer research, Laurence Boccolini responded quickly to the young nurse's message and wanted to support her: "
Never forgot … you do an incredible job and you deserve the salary that matches your skills and the hours that care about us. Sad that the higher spheres are busy with something else
She wrote on her Twitter account.

While many netizens have appreciated her dedication, others have accused her of making it feel good by acting like a true mother Teresa: "
On the other hand, you do not break winning 10 or 20 times our salary. Sunday hypocrisy to give a good conscience
Exclaimed a tweet with regard to the host.

Willow's mother, who obviously has no tongue in her pocket, did not hesitate to silent "hateful" Internet users: "
He does not know me and knows nothing about my matches! Let him imagine I tweed from my rolls before returning to my manor house where my butler and my girlfriend await me
She replied in a sense of humor.

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