Funny! & # 39; Sweetest Popcorn & # 39; tells how he managed to buy tennis – News

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Ana Garcia Martins saw a young woman wearing some Adidas shoes and decided to dive on the internet until she found them.

Notice a piece of clothing or shoes on someone and move the worlds and backgrounds until you find, anyone? Ana Garcia Martins is part of this group of people and told fans a recent episode where she "pushed" through the internet to find the model of tennis she saw in a young woman.

"Since I didn't have time to go and ask what the model was, I photographed them from different angles and surrounded the girl in a very discreet way, such as" Oh, let me just photograph those shades that are beautiful. "I went home and I threw me on the internet, I am a person who appreciates a good challenge … I walked around and around, compared to pictures, and I was about to resort to the PC services when I discovered them. find them available because they were exhausted on the 47 sites that I usually go to "

Although with some difficulty, "Sweetest Popcorn" had its mission "fulfilled successfully". "Until a week ago, I went to the Adidas website, descended from so much sadness and lack of hope and … where they were, my size, I thought it was once a mistake to get to my credit card and handle the order about seven seconds as e-commerce ninja.Today the little ones came to the house and I tried to take this picture that almost forced me to a deadly body to show you, he said.

Satisfied with the new acquisition, Ana ends the publication with an outbreak: "Why, my God? Why didn't you give me the same perseverance to solve shit that really matters?"

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