From the back of Laura Cosoi's marriage to Cosmin Curticăpean. What her husband told her a week after she was born

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The actress Laura Cosoi is a famous woman. She has a successful career, but also a beautiful family. Laura Cosoi is married to Cosmin Curticăpean. The two became parents for the first time in June last year, when the star brought to the world a girl named Rita.

In an interview for Formula As, the star talked about his family. The actor is very happy with her husband, who helps and supports her in everything. Laura Cosoi revealed what an impressive gesture made her life partner for her, no week after she became a mother.

"To us it was to come to the Ritus world a crown of our love, and as if we were right now in the middle of spring. On the other hand, I am fortunate that Cosmin is a smart and wise man. He was with me every moment and he is still, that is, I am fortunate by a man of great concern, both as a husband and as a father – like a father, he just does not breastfeed, otherwise he does everything for Rita, just as I do.

… I could leave my home for a week, Cosmin would take care of her just like me! I think all women want such men, and I think, and I choose them, to have a partner in the true sense of the word. Just because, when the key moment comes, when they become mothers, some women discover that their husband is not at all the partner they have imagined. That's why I'm saying I'm lucky: it turned out I wasn't wrong when I looked in Cosmin, buddy, my partner, the man to walk through life, shoulder to shoulder and good and bad.

When you become a mother, you think of your husband, including from "If God forbids! – Would something happen to me, can I trust the man next to me, to grow up the child without his attention and love?" Fortunately, Cosmin is just my right hand! Between us is a magic union, a struggle in everything, we "work" excellent both in the couple and as parents. We have no help with Rita. Our parents are in Iasi and Târgu Mures, we don't have a baby … we only have Rita to handle us!

In addition, Cosmin is also an extraordinary deep man with an understanding of deep life. I will give you an example: Not a week after I was born, she asked me: "Do not go out for a few hours from the house, go to a cafe, take a friend, take some air, relax a little .. .? " I did not want to do this, and I did not go, but the fact that he asked me to think about my mental state after birth was enormous for me ", Laura Cosoi said.

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