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WWe grew up together, Calvin. Even through all the really bad times, like when you left Death Row for No Limit, we always knew that you would be a legend.

For those of us who grew up in Los Angeles watching pirated versions of The murder was the case with amazement as if he were watching your cousin starring Citizen Kane, The fact that Snoop Doggy, Doggy Dog is receiving his star today in the Hollywood walk of fame It feels a bit like all of us were consecrated in part of the history of this city that has long been reserved for all but us.

Born in Long Beach, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., Snoop Dogg would grow to represent much of the street culture of Los Angeles and its evolution through the years until now, when street culture is the dominant culture.

It was an Eastside Long Beach crip. He went in and out of jail for selling cocaine. He helped create the rap on the west coast. It helped to the habitual use of the marijuana and it made a walk of aggression, essentially destined to send a sign of gang with all its body, the new moonwalk. Once he was in murder trial and now he's on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Sinatra, Brando, Lauren Bacall and all the other thugs.

At the opening ceremony of the star, fellow Los Angeleno and musical legend Dr. Dre said: "Snoop should have gotten a star just to survive the nineties."

Those of us who observe closely the evolution of Snoop from an early age, we know what most of the United States knows today: everything is entertainment. In 1993, for exampleRather than turn himself in at a pre-established date for pending murder charges, Snoop eluded LAPD long enough to present the rhythm and blues category at the MTV awards. Some of us who were watching on a pirated cable thought that the detectives were going to run to the stage to catch it.

Even when the Dogfather was popular enough to appear at festivals with people like Linkin Park, Snoop was still a rebel. In 2004 Projekt Revolution At the festival, Snoop took the stage in San Bernardino followed by what appeared to be a dozen police officers. He told the audience that they threatened to arrest him if he smoked grass on stage before kicking his game with the NWA. Fuck the police He never took his eyes off the policemen around him. The members of the audience, who were there, let's say in a favorite shirt from Mazatlan that caught fire a little, were too drugged at the moment to remember years later if Snoop had done it.

But the America that once put him on a banned music list for singing "187 in the damn police" has aged. Jimmy Kimmel, who had his start here on the radio, told the audience at the star ceremony that he brought Snoop Dogg as a guest on KROQ before they played his music. Today, its stars are right next to the legendary Teatro El Capitán.

Snoop came to the dress-up ceremony at Gucci and a brilliant gold chain Death Row Records. He thanked all the people who took him there, including hip hop legend Warren G, Dre, Quincy Jones, his wife and family, God, and even himself for "never taking a day off."

Snoop ended his speech by asking all the Crips and Bloods to "come walk on this son of a bitch later tonight." Then, he himself walked on the star.

America is now all the children and young people who grew up playing their music on tapes recorded in secret and CD-R unmarked. And years from now, when. Turing test Certified tourists stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, they'll see Snoop Doggy, Dogg's fucking star.

You can watch the live broadcast of the event below:


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