Friday Magazine | James Middleton's Insta is the best you want to see today

adminJanuary 11, 2019

While Pippa Middleton has been in the public domain since her sister Kate's royal wedding in 2011, people know that little brother James only slightly. At least you are now.

Because of 31-year-old has changed the privacy settings in their Instagram profile. means: We can now languish through over 180 photos. On his self-confidence, James, who unfortunately already dates French financial analyst Alizee Thevenet, gives the perfect son-in-law: The Briton not only looks good, he is also very fond of animals, athletic and a great baker.

James worked for the family business and produced motivpies. At his own company Boomf you can now print marshmallows with your favorite photos. A business idea that is almost as sweet as its Insta feed.

James is a dog friend. His package consists of nine four-legged friends. He trains his black Cocker Spaniel Ella himself as a therapy dog.

It's James at the top of the Matterhorn. Yes, that's right.

James has many more pets. He also tries to be a beekeeper and thus opposes the prayer mortality. This man cares about our environment.

The company Boomf also offered Blüemli for a short while. Why no one would, is in the image of this image in veil.

James with his great sister Pippa Middleton on Ö to Ö Swimrun World Cup. You walk in two layers on alternating 65 kilometers and swim 10 kilometers through the icy Baltic Sea. Hard to carry, Mr. Perfect!

Finally, a dog picture. Just because it's so beautiful.

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