Friday Magazine | How stupid is David Beckham's beauty appearance, please?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Men makeup can look very cool, no question. This is not currently the case with David Beckham. For the cover image of the British "Love" magazine, ex-soccer pro was given a green color on the upper eyelid. The color can also be found on his tattoos.

That is, the entire grip is extremely blatant and half-hearted. For example, as if his 7-year-old daughter Harper had painted him while playing. No trace of veneering or smokey-eye techniques. And we see nothing else here either, not even Johnny Depp or musicians with a dubious rock-chic taste would have imagined. David Beckham's beauty looks a bit like the photographer had missed a little twist, which they just tried to do with some brush strokes. More would have been more!

This trend has so much potential: Green Eye Shadow has been quite popular since last year, and has also made a big impact on Monday at the Golden Globes. David, your appearance is disappointing – something happens.

These celebrities have done much better:

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