Friday Magazine | Demi Lovato freaks out because of Insta advertising

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Demi Lovato has been campaigns for body positivity for years, showing her cellulite and stretch marks at Insta and speaking openly about her uncertainty. The 26-year-old calls for body-shaming to fight – the more annoyed the singer at the weekend about an inappropriate advertisement for a video game, which she discovered at Instafeed. You can see two game characters, between which the user can choose: One of the girls is described as overweight, the other is so pretty. You can just shake your head.

Demi immediately waited for her anger at the apparent fate and sent a screen shot of her ad in her Insta story. She wrote, "Why is this fat comb in my feed? So many things in this ad are wrong."

Advertising can be harmful

She went on to say that each person, regardless of weight, can be beautiful. According to Demi, advertising is dangerous for anyone who wants to be influenced by the social pressure of losing pounds. "We live in a world that teaches us to equate our value with our appearance," she explains. Particularly detrimental is the advertising of all those recovering from an eating disorder.

Last but not least, 26-year-old asked Instagram in her story to banish this "bullshit" and said, "With the growing awareness of mental health and mental illness, I expect you to know better than such ads in order to allow your app "Demi is angry statement caught on: Followers agree and Kim Kardashian supported the singer via Twitter.

Instagram responded via TMZ and said, "Sorry, the ad was accidentally approved, we looked at it again and removed it from future feeds." Dems' efforts against Fatshaming seem to have paid off – hoping that the social network will actually investigate advertising in the future.

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