Friday Magazine | Chrissy Teigen shows her web fever on Twitter

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The tire model Chrissy Teigen has no problems showing bodily imperfection, we know since her stretch marks and cellulite items. And she has humor: At the beginning of the week, the 33-year-old wanted us to share rashes on her buttocks. On Twitter, Chrissy wrote on Monday: "I have hives on my ass. Do you want to see it? It's disgusting."

The result of the vote was actually clear: 66 percent of the fans wanted to see Chrissy's Nessel-Po. But because at least 34 percent of the fans would rather go out of sight, the model decided against the Po post. But she would not deprive us of her red pustules: "What about nettle fever on the thigh? Very similar and with some fun stretch marks, "the family holiday model was posted with her husband John Legend and the kids. 83 percent yes votes this time was enough: "People have spoken," stands over the image of their red spot.

There is a slight chance that we will see Chrissy's rump after all. At least that's what you call funny postings after the thighs image: "Are we still safe from the buttocks?" We are.

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