Friday Magazine | Amazing how the Offset goes for Cardi

adminDecember 28, 2018

They were considered dream couples in the hip hop business: In February 2017, Cardi B and Offset began to date, seven months later, they married in secret, and in July 2018, Töchterli Kulture was born. In early December, the love affair suddenly followed Рand since then, the two have become quite turbulent.

Fremdgeh's rumors were already circulating in early 2017, when the rapper iCloud account was hacked and a chat season emerged in which the Offset wanted to dance a triangle – without a wife Cardi. The two lived together, but a few months later the 26 year old had enough: on December 5, Cardi announced the Insta separation. A few days later, she rewrote the lyrics from the regular song "Motorsport" and announced in the new lyrics that she will divorce him. Shortly after, Offset commented on Twitter for separation and confessed that he was missing Cardi.

A week later, the rapper put a clip on Insta. In it he described himself as a selfish, upset man, and apologized for shaming Cardi and breaking her heart. "My only birthday wish is to get my wife back, Cardi," he admitted in the video. He also denied the incredible rumors: "I'm sorry what I did to you, and I didn't find these girls."

The next day, the offset was so desperate that he himself stormed the scene at a concert by Cardi. With a "Take Me Back Cardi" banner with 2000 roses, he asked for forgiveness. The rapper was led by the scene, and Cardi's fans were upset by the incorrect performance that he interrupted the concert and stole the show from Cardi. Offset explained his action the same day on Twitter: "All my mistakes were made public, so I think it's just right if I make my apology public," wrote the 27-year-old.

Cardi shielded him a little later in an Instagram video. She asked her fans not to chop their items, he thought their daughter was a father. "I don't like this online bashing, it doesn't help," said the 26-year-old.

They spend their holidays together

Now, the rapper has shown in an Instastory what the Offset has given her at Christmas: Using six designer handbags – including a Birkin Bag for only $ 68,800 (around $ 67,500) – various Louboutins and Cartier bracelets tried to win her back.

It seems to have worked: In the current pictures, the two are closely involved in seeing how they move in Puerto Rico on a jet ski. Is Cardi B really giving the rapper a chance? Not quite – she just wanted to have fun, as she explained in an Insta livestream: "I just had to be fucked, that was it, and Bitch, I feel rejuvenated, as if I was baptized, I feel like a whole new one woman. "She seems to be fine in the whole relationship chaos – and we are curious about what will happen to Offset 2019.

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