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adminJanuary 7, 2019

Two French scholars who confirmed the status of Jeanne Calment as the oldest person known in history, rejected the claims of Russian scientists, who pointed out that she did not actually reach 122, throwing down this statement, which French exposed behind.

The mathematician Nikolay Zak and gerontologist Valery Novoselov assure it Calment's daughter, Yvonne Calment, assumed her mother's identity decades before. The Russians analyzed photographs, official documents, and interviews to generate evidence of evidence that they acknowledge are random. In this case, Jeanne's age managed to "expand" thanks to her daughter's "mimetic" effort.

Gerontology is the scientific study of adulthood. Jean-Marie Robine, one of the two French researchers who validated Calment's age, told France Inter radio on Wednesday night there agitation provoked in France by
Russia's discovery was a ridiculous controversy

A Guinness World Record spokesman, who recorded Calment's age as a world record, said he was aware of the Russian demands. "For each title to the overview of the oldest person we confirm an exhaustive survey, be developed by gerontology experts and they have already been notified of the current situation, the spokesman says before the controversy.

They claim that Calment's daughter, Yvonne Calment, assumed her mother's identity decades earlier. In this case, Jeanne's age managed to "expand" thanks to her daughter's "mimetic" effort

In a document given to the Center for Continuing Mathematical Education in Moscow, Zak quotes discrepancies between the color of Jeanne Calment's eyes, her height and shape of her forehead based on a copy of a 1930s ID card and his appearance in the following the years of his life.

"I don't have a sample smeared in iron," Zak told Reuters on a snowy Moscow street. "I have reviewed the whole situation, there are many small evidence"he explained.

The other French scientist who validated Calment's age, gerontologist Michel Allard, admitted that despite the undeniable validation, Russian conclusions should be taken into account, even though he rejected the alleged discrepancies between the first images of Calment and his view over the years.

"In the last few years of Jeanne Calment's life I saw many changes of her physiognomy", he told France Inter, explaining why there might be differences between the identity document and the pictures after that.

The woman of 122 years

Jeanne Calment was born February 21, 1875, more than a decade before the Eiffel Tower was built and a year before Alexander Graham Bell patented the phone. He married a prosperous distance and survived her daughter Yvonne, who, according to official documents, died in pneumonia, her husband and a grandson before they died in Arles in southern France. August 4, 1997.

A woman who saw two generations of her own flower and withered before her eyes. And there, 21 years after his death, continues to be the research unit of scientists.


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