Fredy Guarín and Sara Uribe are ready to receive their baby

adminDecember 30, 2018

Sara Uribe and Fredy Guarín they are ready to know the love of their lives, his son Jacobo. Tomorrow the presenter and model paisa attended a photo on the Instagram account with a message that reads: "On the way to meet our great Jacobo"; But minutes later, he decided to delete the photo.

Nevertheless, the magazine TVyNovela's time to "resurrect" the photograph where the smiling couple is seen in company with their mascot Zeusa, posing very comfortably inside a plane tied to Miami, USA where your son will be born.

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Although the couple had stabilized in China, they returned to Colombia for a few months to spend the Christmas holidays with their respective families. In the middle of an interview with TVyNovelas He commented that they would later travel to Miami for their son's birth, scheduled in January.

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It is noteworthy that Jacobo is Sara Uribe's first son, but the third for Guarín, who is already the father of Danna and Daniel, product of their marriage with Andreina Fiallo.

Despite the controversy that has been involved in their relationship, the couple has decided to make room for criticism and live their romance, no matter what others say. In fact, for the aforementioned media, the football player stressed that Sara Uribe is a woman whom she "blindly believes" and which she also regards as "a force without limits".

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