Frank Ocean encourages everyone to moisturize

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Some men are more than happy for their grooming regime to consist of shaving with disposable razors and washing their faces with grimy bars in soap, but others, like Frank Ocean, are more excited.

The singer-songwriter is the cover star for GQ s February 2019 and in the accompanying interview he talks about everything from making his Instagram audience to cover "Måneelv. "

But if there is one thing we need to take away from the interview, it's Ocean's commitment to skin care.

Chatting with Vegyn and Emmett Cruddas, hosts of his Apple Music show, Blonded RadioThe 31-year-old expressed his annoyance at employee Pharrell Williams for not sharing the secret of his youthful appearance, saying, "It has been all these years, and Pharrell still hasn't given us the keys yet.

"He just says" exfoliate ", but it's not just" exfoliate ": we need more keys."

Unlike Williams, Ocean was more than happy to share his top skincare tips, revealing that he likes to use a night cream and is a big fan of retinol – an ingredient derived from vitamin A that encourages collagen production, enhances sun's appearance damage and lines, giving out the skin tone.

"I really believe in a night cream," said Ocean.

"I feel that men just go to sleep. They can wash their face or they don't even care – they go and lie down with their face on the day. You really need to do a soft wash and put on a night of moisturizer."

He continued: "You can't have retinol in creams today because it makes you more sun-sensitive so you want to throw it at night.

"I need night cream because when I wake up, I feel very beautiful, moist and ready to make people see me."

Ocean also precludes the benefits of sewing a silk lining in your hat to avoid irritation, especially in winter or if you have sensitive skin.

The tips were passed on to him by his mother, Katonya Breaux, who recently launched her own skincare line, Unsun.

Ocean fans have been quick to notice the singer's skincare recommendations, with many announcing their beginner's commitment to nightlife on social media.

"Frank Ocean just dropped his skin care routine. Fellas we keep you moist throughout 2019," wrote one person.

Another added: "The only thing I care about tomorrow is Frank Ocean's perception of how men don't pay enough attention to their skin.

"He is out riding for the night cream! We have no choice but to stand!"

If you are interested in using a retinol like Ocean, check out our roundup of the best products here.

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