Francis Lalanne: "I decided not to be rich!"

adminNovember 28, 2018

Pierre-Yves Paque

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French singer Francis Lalanne, who lives in Belgium again, is back on stage in his favorite country.

"I have the impression that we want to lose poetry today, sorry Francis Lalanne, who is committed to freeing art, returning to his first love with his poetical reasoning From love memory (Tonight at Fou Laughs of Brussels). Because it's just the art that keeps people in a state of freedom. In the cinema you get a vision. In theater or dance there is an entry. As for the author's speech, there is always something that drives our imagination. But not in poetry, there is full freedom. I always say that it's the author's poet and poet reader. When I write something, I do not know what I wrote because I do not know what to write … I put a picture on a feeling and it is this mystery of poetry that makes it an important art. In particular, I mixed it with the song and the melody. "

We also say that we are more unemployed in Belgium than elsewhere?


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