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adminDecember 29, 2018

The former music drama couple is back on stage together for the first time six years after the split. Francine Jordi presents "The New Years Eve Show 2018". Her guest is ex-girlfriend Florian Ast.

A big challenge for youngsters Francine Jordi, 41, at the end of the year: Together with German television presenter Jörg Pilawa, 53, she presents "The New Year's Eve Show 2018". The TV program is broadcast live in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. As if there wasn't enough excitement, there is something special for Jordi: Six years after the breakup, she is back with her ex-partner for the first time Florian branch, 43, on stage.

The two are now over the separation and come together again. "In the meantime, we can talk openly and have a relaxed relationship," says Florian Ast oppositeview". "We forgave ourselves. What happened to us could happen to anyone."

After the two of them celebrate New Year's Eve the next day, Florian Ast can definitely imagine a future with Francine Jordi. "I can imagine a concert with Francine. Our music was very nice and it stays that way."

Ast and Jordi have also worked together under their conditions. Her duet "Tears" is one of the biggest Swiss hits of all time. They then launched a common album.

Musician couple split in 2012 after Florian Ast had cheated on Francine Jordi with another pop singer, Sol Romero, 34. Ast and Jordi were a couple for a year. Both left their former partners for their common love.

Six years have passed since the difficult separation. Since then, much has happened in both lives: Francine Jordi fought against cancer. When she made her illness public in the spring of 2018, Ast was shocked by the bad news and told Ast that she had "see": "I want her the strongest forces in the world. May the sun assure these evil shadows."

Meanwhile, Florian Ast has twice twice from two relationships, but keeps the audience largely out of their private life.

This year, the two are celebrating new New Year's Eve. Today and tomorrow, the New Years Eve show will be rehearsed in Linz, Austria, before the live broadcast is broadcast on SRF1 at 8:15 on New Year's Eve.

In addition to Florian Ast, several other guests are shown on the show, from Switzerland including Linda Fäh, 31.

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