[Foto] The warm image of Karol G with Anuel … she only has one thong on

adminDecember 31, 2018

In the picture, which already has almost a million and a half, likes on the platform, Karol looks at her ankles with her neck (only a black thong covers her) while the singer rests on the head of the neck breast and takes the picture (the image is reflection in the mirror).

"Secret 15-01-19"Was it what paisa wrote in the publication, so it is assumed that this picture is the news of a new musical collaboration. This would not be the first time they collaborate on a topic because "Guilty" was their first song together.

Carol G and Anuel AA

Before the picture, several supporters of the couple made comments such as: "They are my favorite couple""When do they marry? ", "That bed sounds very hard"And" congratulations on the baby coming. "

This is the picture:

It should be remembered that although no one has made their relationship official, they do not stop sharing photos together, They send sensory messages of love in the network, and it was evident that they tattooed the name of the other on their wrists.

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