Former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza defended her daughter from her disturbances (PHOTO)

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Dayana Mendoza She is known to be very reserved with her family life, but this time she came out in defense of her three-year-old daughter.

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The former Miss Universe gave her a strong message followers in social networks after receiving comments and speculation on the color of the eyes of the girl, whose face and name is unknown.

"Imagine you spent 15 years and my daughter reads all the comments if she has black or blue eyes," wrote the Venezuelan woman.

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The heartfelt words of the former beauty queen continued: "How would my baby feel if his eyes were black after reading so many things? How will my baby feel if his eyes are blue after reading so many things?"

Dayana tried to raise awareness of what effect cyberbullying might have on a child and said, "To all those who decided to delete their comments, I thank them, think about the consequences of their bold, my daughter is only three years old. deserves to feel what these comments create inside. "

In addition, the 32-year-old model made it clear mail he would leave it temporarily and claim his haters, "I thank all those who do not understand the word respect and do not follow the verb of the verb, please do not follow me".

The little one is the result of her marriage to the Italian businessman Michael Pagano, which was divorced in 2016. Their union was only for three years.

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