Forget the dress of the Golden Globes, Yalitza published this amazing look at Instagram

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Forget the dress of Golden Globes, Yalitza published this sensual look on Instagram: Grosby


Yalitza Aparicio appeared on the red carpet in the Golden Globes with a dress in silver that he made clear that he came to the world to shine.

With a sincere smile and transparent look, he paraded on the red carpet with him, but the criticism started immediately because, according to users on social networks, his appearance was not at the "height" of those who had the famous Hollywood.

However, Yalitza saw not only happily, confidently and empowered in the Golden Globes 2019, but in her Instagram account, because while everyone watched her show on the awards, it now wrote actress on their social networks a picture showing a purple fitted dress showing her figure.

"If you are a Mexican pride" / "I congratulate you on being a woman of struggle" / "You are a beautiful girl and you will be very far" / "I love your dress, your shoes, the color you have you "/" You look beautiful really, keep going "/" Bella, you have a very good smile ", some of the comments were received by the famous.

In favor of stopping Yalitza, who nobly and with his great talent, has filled hearts with Mexican pride.

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