Forever Blond: TV star Daniela Katzenberger does not want to change

adminDecember 28, 2018

Updated December 27, 2018, 8:45

With this Instagram post, she surprised her fans: Daniela Katzenberger put up a photo in time for celebrations, which she shows on Christmas Eve 2002. At this time she still had brown hair. Fans do not find the blonde-haired TV star's past look so bad – unlike her.

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Daniela Katzenberger without her beloved blonde hair? Hard to imagine But remember that Lucas Cordalis wife has not always been a blonde, now she remembers Instagram. A Christmas day from 2002 shows the cat as a young youth with his family.

Fans are thrilled

Her fans commented on the picture mainly because of Daniela Katzenberger's previous hair color. Comments pile up as "Dark hair is so much better for you", or "Looks much better with dark hair" next to the picture. Whether the TV star can affect it?

Daniela Katzenberger replied quickly – again via Instagram. She has received many news after the post about the hair colors and "so many tips and motivational" encouragement advice "to finally carry her natural hair color again. But the cat makes it clear:" I've always had my own head (in the worst sense of the word), therefore my hair color will not change in the future. "

With the meaningful hashtag #einmalblondimmerblond she completes her post. Clearly she could not have finished her message. Daniela Katzenberger will continue to walk through life as a blonde. (JOM)
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