Forecast Uranium for the period 22 – 28 December 2018

adminDecember 26, 2018


On the first part of December 22, good communication skills, to express themselves in official situations; short trips, repeated trips. Satisfactory and useful communication with private individuals or representatives of foreign institutions. The sun enters the Capricorn and marks the career area for thirty days. Astral indications of the need to strengthen the workplace, to secure its function and public image, and to resist the pressures that can be exerted on them. Between December 22, after 6:28 pm and December 24, afternoon, domestic concerns. December 22, at night, Full Moon in Cancer will be produced, which will increase their level of responsibility towards parents, relatives, family. Take care of a common heritage. Between December 24 after 18:59 and December 26 afternoon, a spirit of adventure, a desire to use, to acquire entertainment activities that will make them out of monotony and give them the opportunity to affirm physical properties (sports, for example, , practiced with great caution, if only to show others how strong they are). Some will feel the need to make financial speculation or practice gambling. Authoritative attitude towards parents born in this zodiac to their children, context where they will see less educational pace and more personal will and ambition. Between December 26, after 19:50 and December 28, routine activities, current professional concerns. Discrete Digestive Disorders: Some of the body may show reaction to denying food, and therefore requires diet or measurement and caution before culinary temptations. The mental state will be good, and many people may find peace, sleep or sleep that has been disturbed in the past.


In the first part of December 22, economic issues discussed meeting with developing an economic problem with legal implications (notary, procedure, legal). The sun enters the zodiac of Capricorn and will begin to exert its influence on high consciousness and preoccupation. Some may "squeeze" (continue their studies, specializations) to obtain documents (certificates, diplomas) to confirm their professional level. Seizures a status or strong ambition that can motivate a native to make an effort to carry out an important life project. Between December 22, after 18:28 and December 24 afternoon, attention, focus on a topic they will postpone their attention, discretion, or just a lesser ability to make conversations. Full moon in cancer on December 22 will highlight proportionate disagreements between them and their brothers or sisters, informal neighbors and acquaintances (travel companions, travel partners). Between December 24, after 18:59 and December 26 afternoon, authoritarian interference in domestic or family relationships. Other natives, if they are in the midst of a major conflict (litigation, investigation, trial), will fear that a secular asset, or even fortune, is threatened by erroneous maneuvers by rivals or enemies. Between December 26, after 19:50 and December 28, emotional stability, sentimental temperament. The need for parents to be principled in their relationship with children, an attempt to order and introduce fair educational criteria. Spiritual correspondence and harmonious relationship with friends for whom they have sympathy, admiration or trust, and with whom they seek to achieve a generous, philanthropic, cultural, Christian, religious project.


At the beginning of December 22, Gemini will feel the need to "cleverly", be free from constraints, detached from duty, and dedicated to personal tasks that are meant to relax and cheer on them. The sun enters the sign of Capricorn and will introduce a special shade of sticking to the merchandise and proceeds or benefits to be given or which they should receive after sharing or carrying out a testamentary provision or judicial decisions. But in the next thirty days, delays, expectations, blockages instead of resolving and completing these legitimate interests are seen. Between December 22, after 18:28 and December 24, afternoon, tend to be economists, to give up some financial discomfort or discomfort as a result of the full-moon payroll of December 22. Between December 24, after 18:59 and December 26, Aquarius will be able to speak authoritatively and convincingly in public, intervene in dialogues that tend to degenerate into strife and unpleasant confrontations. Personal Exaggerated Opinions Among Some Unpleasant Impressive Events. Between December 26, after 19:50 and December 28, domestic, organizational, current trends. The Jupiter / Mercur couple in Partner Relations will work well and will allow discussion in principle or be used for the text of a document (action, contract) to sign, and whose terms and conditions must accept to engage the native in a joint activity . Good course for the development of processes or disputes based on revealing the truth, on the right attitude of those responsible for making decisions.

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