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Forchheimerin remains maintained – but still makes a good figure

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For six candidates, the bachelor in issue two went to the gym. For the sports enthusiast Luisa from Forchheim met (3rd from the right) met the good.


A Fränkin is looking for love in Central America. Last week, Luisa had to leave Forchheim shake around a rose by a new bachelor Andrei Mangold, As the last one got to know the 22-year-old the previous basketball pro. Not only the first meeting was the taciturn, even in the first "Night of the Roses" it came between the founder of a bubble gum startup and the more limited Fränkin no conversation. Still, she was one of the 17 lucky ladies – sorry, RTL – "Ladies", bachelor Andrej gets to know a little better.

The white knight and his superficial heart ladies

Of course, its intentions are quite honest, according to RTL. Great efforts have been made to format each season to portray the Bachelor as a virtuous romantic. This should help the overproduced shots of the well-built athlete, looking farthest on the beach in Mexico in the distance. Thus, the ever-increasing production value of the reality show is increasingly in contrast to the dirty content that viewers were often served in week two.

Although the bachelor, according to the participating women (once again), is the most beautiful TV rosary distributor from time to time, as a white knight flying in the helicopter and afflicted on record, he feels like James Bond, thinking of the pool sucking candidates on Protagonists from "Fifty Shades of Gray". So clumsy staged the production of the conflict between gentleman Andrei and the apparently driven women. Wrong world. It was a bachelor who last week distributed the fastest rose at any time to a woman who gave him a whip as a guest gift in no time.

Bachelor 2019: These are the candidates!

In January she starts again, hunting for a bachelor's degree and his praises. A total of 20 female participants will be bachelor in the new season of the TV show – a beauty from Franconia is also part of this time. Here are the pictures of all 20 candidates!

How seriously Andrej seems to be, but then appeared on the first single date he took candidate Nathalie, no, Jenni. Last week, the Bachelor named the candidate under a false name for Rosenvergabe, now she gets the first minutes in tête-à-tête with TV Adonis. So soon it can go in "Bachelor". Did it? Let's ask Jenni. "What I really like very much is his … body," she explains in a single interview after the date. "Self?" Unfortunately, there was no time for other positive attributes, but for witty, small talk like, "By the way, I have the sharpest knees in the world, so you have to be careful."

Forchheimerin scores with fitness – but stays quiet

However, the material and interpersonal lows once showed in Métdel-Despite Mietvilla, which the loved one was not present. It not only discussed body weight and the distribution of proportions, but also the kissing problem on the first date. And because the talks were not already immature enough, the "towel war" was performed around the apparently scattered bath towels in the luxury facility, culminating in threats of violence. Elsewhere, the ladies competed for the most difficult fate. What makes candidates in reality exhibitions, always thinking right about their toughest hours?

Afterwards, Luisa from Forchheim uses heavy hours because she is one of six participants who can lift weights with their bachelor's degree in the gym. For the sporty Fränkinen who regularly visits the gym, a home game. For a one-to-one interview, however, the bachelor prefers to call in the slightly more eye-catching female colleagues. Namely, a kickboxing ex-playmate with obvious aggression problems, Andrej expects to stave off fiends on the open road and competitor Jade, a kind of Gina-Lisa 2.0. Although Luisa did a good figure in the sports exercises, she could not play in the group in the foreground then. All that was left was the "Night of the Roses" to get the bachelor's degree.

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Drama, Blasphemy, Twerks

But there also another drew attention. In broadcasting shortly before the evening of the rose, a new candidate moved on. The fact that this was no more than a perfectionist strategy for the production group to increase the jealousy and the drama factor in the villa, the likely reality views will probably have understood quickly. But among the women competing for bachelor, penny does not fall, therefore they extinguished bait faster than a hungry gilthead in the Gulf of Mexico.

The area was quickly re-marked, bachelor of intimate dances gathered and the competition was defeated. That only the young woman, who called a roommate in Mexico as "farmer" before the cameras a "twerk" to the best, buried in the conversation with the bachelor and abdampten offended at the end of the evening, will have given some television viewers satisfaction.

Probably because many competitors did not show their chocolate side, the bachelor Luisa gave another rose, and therefore Forchheimerin can continue to hope for luck with Andrei. "Yes, of course," was Luisa's natural answer to the bachelor's question if she accepted her rose. Visibly happy, she accepted the flower. Can Luisa show more of herself next week?

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