For Metin Akpınar and Müjdat Gezen

adminDecember 31, 2018

Bergama municipality city theater staged Ire Zincire Vida Antigone " In addition to playing in the indoor box, the game was applauded for several minutes. Sinan Küçüköz, director of the staged game; "We have played this game for two great masters Metin Akpınar and Müjdat Gezen tonight he said.

Pergamon Cultural Center Berkm, arranged and directed by the artistic director of Bergama municipality Sinan Küçüköz & nbsp; nın, adapting works, decor, makeup, music and costumes with an ambitious introduction to the new season. Based on the works of Sophocles and Aiskhylos, written nearly two thousand 500 years ago, the expression of the trial and expression of freedom of thought is explained. Ire Zincire Vida Antigone " The game had an unforgettable evening for theater lovers. Bergama town theater received full marks from art lovers with this performance.


After the impressive last leg of the work, which lasted for several minutes, the audience met the audience and invited the artistic director of Bergama municipality to Sinan Küçüköz to the stage. Küçüköz who held a speech here; "Thank you for coming. Health to your heart. We played this game for two great masters, Metin Akpınar and Müjdat Gezen. he said.

The renowned game is Alev Cakır, Berkay Tokbay, Bülent Türkmen, Deniz Özaydemir, Derya Mercan, Eyüp Gülmez, Fikret Avcı, Fatih Döner, Mehdi Gizli, Meltem Akbaba, Nazl Deniz Tan, Nurhayat Kııltuğ, Oğuz Toy, Shahinde Darılmaz, Ümmihan Yetim Ble arranged by Yağız Yamac Taşçı and Yağmur Ekin Karayelli.

Here are the squares from the game:


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