Follow the revelations about the whereabouts of Juan Gabriel: Explain why it does not appear

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Juan Gabriel and Joaquín Muñoz.

In a recent interview, Joaquín Muñoz revealed more details about the controversial topic when he had assured that after December 15, the artist could reappear, although he later said the Mexican singer wanted to return on January 7, his birthday.

The date arrived, but nothing was heard from the singer-songwriter. But in the morning Muñoz appeared on TV Azteca's morning program "Venga la alegría" to establish: "Juan Gabriel simulated his death because he had to save his life and only a genius is able to do what he did Juan Gabriel He is the only one genius that Mexico has, and the geniuses are forgiven everything. "

Joaquín Muñoz published a book of pictures that revealed the singer's homosexuality.

He also said that Juan Gabriel lives in Morelos, and according to Joaquín Muñoz, he will be established on January 7 as "Juan Gabriel's International Day". He commented that his friend "does not live as kidnapped, he lives very well. Yesterday (Sunday) he ate Rosca de Reyes with chocolate, he was with Elizabeth, the woman who goes on him".

For her part, Martha Figueroa is one of the Mexican journalists (along with Jorge Carbajal) who are also sure that Alberto Aguilera lives. On January 7, in the "Hoy" program, he stated that he trusted "to give him a hug soon. I know everyone looks so crazy, but I think."

"I didn't have a close relationship with him, but I think he lives. Not what Joaquín Muñoz can say, but apart from what Joaquín has said, I've done a lot of research, someone came to me past, others I've done, and I think Juan Gabriel lives "

Muñoz on December 17 was subjected to the test of polygraphy on the program "Today", where the specialist said the friend of the singer "is convinced to tell the truth."

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"He told me he would like to come back on January 7, and he wanted Juan Gabriel's international day to be celebrated. He can go tomorrow, they can give the order today, the day after tomorrow, when they make the order, he will "There is still no order for it to appear. We are waiting because he can no longer leave that. They will even provide security," Muñoz told "Hoy" in December.

History: Juan Gabriel sued Muñoz for defamation and slander

One month before the earthquake in Mexico in 1985, lawyers sued Muñoz for defamation and dismay. It is said that Juan Gabriel bought all the copies so no one could see the book. But before, Muñoz tried to extort him for not publishing his book in exchange for 30 million pesos, according to the artist detailed to the Proceso magazine.

"From 1985, it is a distance because the people around him forced him to prevent me from approaching him. After 29 years he looked after me because he realized that all the people who surrounded him stole from him. His control books were common to me. When I was working with him and he saw how I was defending his money, he looked at me and told me that to be with him was no better than me. "

Joaquín Muñoz was Alberto's friend and worked with him until the mid-80s.

"In 2016 (when the singer died), his son Ivan would end his contract as his agent, then I would go back to work with him, but he didn't come because of the situation that, as he says, the Hankman Salas family had a plan to disappear to keep fortune, "said Muñoz.

"Iván Salas (the son of the artist), his wife (Simona), who is the band's leader, Jesús Salas (friend of the singer) and his sister (Laura, mother of Alberto's sons) wanted to disappear Juan Gabriel to keep your money. He saw his father and he disappeared, "Joaquín Muñoz said very sure.

While returning to the public eye, the order of the "very important" person waits for Joaquin to make sure he gives money to Juan Gabriel. "Until now, nearly a million pesos … He's going to pay me 7 times," he says.

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