Florian Silbereisen did not want separation from Helene Fischer

adminDecember 30, 2018

Helene Fischer already has a new husband on her side after her love with Florian Silbereisen. As reported by "Bunte", the separation from Fischer started.

In statements Helene Fischer (34) and Florian Silbereisen (37) confirmed their separation after ten years together. At the same time, the Schlager Queen announced that she has a new man next to her: according to insiders, this is Berlin air acrobat Thomas Seitel (33). Apparently, Fischer left his girlfriend for Seitel, with whom she has been together for a few weeks – because as "Bunte" reported, Florian Sil did not want the separation. Friends report that Silbereisen was "very sad" for several weeks. Also with Fischer "many tears flowed".

Fischer dedicated a secret message to him

Just before Christmas, Fischer wrote a secret love message on Instagram to her new loved one, according to Bunte. Immediately before Christmas, she wrote with a heart to a photograph of herself that appeared in Vogue: "Love is the light that separates the dark. I love you so much. Love for your goal." At this time she had long been separated from Silbereisen : For love it had come between the ex-Schlager dream couple already in October.

"Anelia is crying bitter tears since the separation from Thomas"

But not only Fischer should have left his partner for the new relationship: Thomas Seitel allegedly set for the "breathless" star allegedly his long-term partner and fiancé Anelia Janeva, who also worked for Fischer as a photographer, dancer and makeup artist. "Anelia laughs bitterly tears since leaving Thomas, she is incredibly disappointed," a source from her close environment says. Comments on her social media profile also speak for this: On Instagram, Janeva at least thanks her fans, who support her. (KAD)

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