Flavia Mihasan, emotional image with pregnant belly and baby's father

adminDecember 28, 2018

About two months later Horia Brenciu Flavia Mihasan has been vaccinated because she is pregnant, the Neatza TV nurse with Razvan and Dani has published a motion picture of her pregnant belly as she holds her protective hands for her life partner, but she. The picture was accompanied by a message where it was revealed in the fourth quarter. Fans who did not know the big news congratulated her, and others asked her what sex the child had.

"Congratulations, have a simple task and be healthy! Pupils," "Wow, what good news!", "Simple task, boy or girl?" "Congratulations, dear Flavia! Create a beautiful baby like you," "Congratulations, Flab ! I can't wait to see you with my stomach on the show " are five of the comments from the image below, which were posted by Flavia Mihasan in her official Instagram account.

Flavia Mihasan, emotional image with pregnant belly and baby's father

With the photo album, Flavia Mihasan talked about pregnancy for the first time. Assistant presenters Răzvan Simion and Dani Oti confess to the supporters that this year, for her and her partner, Marius Moldovan, will be celebrations. According to her revelations, the beautiful star is in the fourth month of pregnancy. "From now on we will celebrate everything else. The most beautiful gift is on its way and has chosen us. # 16weekspregnant #firsttimeparents @happyholidays @moldovanmariuss"is the message written by the antenna 1 morning manager.

Flavia Mihasan and her life partner, Marius Moldovan, photograph in an exciting time next to the Christmas tree

Who is Marius Moldovan

Flavia Mihasan's girlfriend is 27 years old, she is an actor, model and professional dancer. He participated in the "Romans have a talent", season 2017, along with Hera Alexandra Zaulet. The two have been surprised by the jury, but also by fans of the famous PRO TV talent program. Hera Zaulet and Marius Moldovan are students at UNATC and are attracted to dance. Marius Moldovan started dancing in his home town of Bistrita, then to Cluj-Napoca, where he continued his studies. After graduating from high school, he moved to Bucharest, where he attended the courses at Ion Luca Caragiale National Theater and Cinema Art University. Currently, he works at the Jewish state theater, collaborates with several modeling agencies and manages a boxing place in his hometown. Flavia and Marius met in rehearsals for the musical "Mamma Mia!".

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