Five new women accuse Luc Besson of sexual assault

adminNovember 28, 2018

They decided to speak in a Mediapart article, published Wednesday, November 28, to witness Luc Besson, who was already charged with rape and sexual assault.

Director Luc Besson at the Cannes Film Festival, May 20, 2016 (© Alberto Pizzoli / AFP)

A first survey was launched in May when actress Sand Van Roy, 27, filed a complaint that accused Luc Besson of raping her. This first complaint led to the publication of new testimonies against the French film maker.

Then on 10th of July we read in the columns Media Party that many women around her condemned her inappropriate behavior: sexual harassment, sexual assault, unwanted relationships or violent sexual acts.

Despite the silence of the accused and his lawyers, Media Party continued his investigation. The media today presents five new overwhelming testimonies about interns, students, assistants, models who decided to speak.

The former assistant of Luc Besson

One of the alleged victims, who wishes to remain anonymous and call themselves "Ananda" in the article, says she worked for Luc Besson as an assistant. In her story, she explains that her nightmare began with a text message:

"It all started when I spoke all my contacts to say, "Here I am in the mud, if anyone has a job or apartment for my children and I, I'll take it." "

The film maker would have extended her hand and invited her to join Meurice, a Parisian palace, to discuss her situation and find a solution, namely to offer him a place in his company. The director would have taken a busy schedule:

"He offered me a cup of tea and during the day my teen was canceled for lunch and then lunch was canceled for dinner."

When she came to the palace, a little word was waiting for the young woman at the reception:

(© MediaPart: "Hello, good, take [sic] you a good quiet bathroom, tv, room service … a princess night what! Biz luc <3 "Several people, relatives as a graffiti expert in fonts and documents, approved by Cassation, acknowledged filmmaker's writing.)

Ananda assures she was not concerned about the venue and that she waited for the filmmaker on the couch without moving or taking a bath, "Apparently" :

"Naïvely, I thought maybe he'd taken a room to put it to me when he knew I was in trouble … I never thought I'd go to the forehead."

When Luc Besson arrived late, they ordered a dinner and talked about the situation of the young woman whose goal was to get the children back, find an apartment and a job:

"It was where the manipulation started, I understand it only later because I was very young at that time. […] You are desperate and the guy makes you understand that he has a solution to all your problems."

Luc Besson would have asked him about it "get on your knees" and that she "give him a kiss ". Without knowing why, the young woman would have let go and wanted to wake up the next day with the feeling of being dirty "that something unclear had happened ".

The following Monday Ananda came to Europe Corps headquarters, as Luc Besson had advised him. To her surprise, she discovered that she had just been appointed Executive Assistant. Afterwards, she is convinced that it was for him to hold "always keep an eye on [elle]".

Next day she found her new boss at another hotel. She would have liked to have a headache to escape him, but the accused would have no doubt waking her up in the middle of the night for sexual intercourse:

"I said to myself," do the sailor ", you let it go and you think it's going to come in. I felt that the more you're hurt, the more vulnerable, the more it will fall on you."

If the long-awaited victim was able to keep the predator away from her, she told Mediapart that she would have had a permanent touch on her back. Her former assistant mentions a third non-consented relationship in her story. In the same case, he would have arranged to meet him at a hotel:

"When I opened the door, he waited for me naked under a towel, he teased me like a child and saw him like that, I thought" shit. "He made me pay for the fact that I escaped him, he was not cute, not violent, I felt like a whore. "

Ananda finally managed to escape the situation by leaving her job at the end of her probation, despite a proposal to hire a fixed contract. Several of his colleagues support the testimony of the alleged victim.

"An actress, you really have to fuck her."

Another woman, Karine Isambert, ex-model, director and actress, decided to talk face to face. She develops in the columns of Mediapart his first meeting with the filmmaker in the lobby of a hotel. During this first interview, Luc Besson commented on his youthful appearance and made astonishing comments:

"He said to me," There you are very very young, much more than in reality, you look like I'm 14, I love it! […] An actress, you really have to fuck her. & # 39; I tell her that it's still important that the girl knows how to play well that she is highlighting something. He says, "Yes, but it's important if we want her, otherwise it does not matter. & # 39; "

At the end of the interview, he allegedly offered dinner to Karine Isambert, who immediately denied. As a result, this refused reads the movie maker: "It will be difficult for me to give you a role if we do not have dinner together because I need to get to know each other a bit to be a little in love with you. " To greet him, Luc Besson would have it "Tighten the top of the back [la] hit him hard enough, while he makes a kiss.

Other diplomas in the Mediapart columns testify to the inappropriate behavior of the EuropeanCorp boss with his interns or students from his school. The latter also launched a call for evidence from a mailbox called "metooedlc" for "MeToo School City".

One of the students says she came in the morning with "it fear of the stomach " thinking "on the prospect of what could happen and (as she would) could not stop it."

The latter explains that one day, Luc Besson would have attracted him to his box while his wife had just left. He would have kissed her without his consent. On the last training day, the young student had faced a similar problem:

"He puts a foot in the elevator and tells me to come, I say no, I should go, he insists I do not dare to deny once, I'm in the elevator and the time when he goes down, he takes me in his arms , breathing my hair, kissing me in my neck, it made me extremely uncomfortable … I left me anxious. "

At the end of school, this student had mentioned twice these episodes with the school director at that time, Laurent Jaudon.

The many testimonies collected by Media Party Luc Besson put in a bad position. Heard during a hearing on October 2, the director has since deleted his presence on social networks.

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