First officer controls the ship: "Dream Ship" has a new captain currently

adminJanuary 10, 2019

109753593.jpg "src =" "/></source></source></picture><figcaption><p class=The "dream ship" can end Easter again. The first officer takes over the wheel.

picture alliance / dpa

The "dream ship" can run out again. Because there is a new captain, the newspaper "Bild" reported. Consequently, it is the actor Daniel Morgenroth.

imago78716011h.jpg "data-src =" "class =" lazyload "/></picture><figcaption><p class=This is the new one: Daniel Morgenroth.

(Photo: Image / Future Image)

But the 55-year-old is just a temporary solution. He plays the first officer on board and will be seen only in the Easter episode in the role. For Christmas and New Year's episode, ZDF is still looking for a new captain.

Morgenroth is no stranger to the famous TV ship. He already had small guest roles on board before. Sascha Hehn, the previous captain, had surprisingly announced in May his withdrawal from the series. His last assignment as a "dream ship" captain was the 64 year old on January 1.

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