First hearing in court: Kevin Spacey will defend himself

adminDecember 28, 2018

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Kevin Spacey is said to have harassed a young man. Therefore, the actor must respond to the court. Now, his lawyer gives a taste of what the defense will look like.

In the bizarre Youtube video, which he released for Christmas, Kevin Spacey has already suggested it: The fallen movie star wants to defend in every way against the unknown in the eyes of his claim for sexual coercion. How exactly this should happen on January 7, when he has to answer a magistrate, shows the recording of a first hearing, which should have the American side "Boston Globe".

In particular, the 59-year-old Spacey must at the moment justify: 2016, he should have addressed a bar in Nantucket, Massachusetts, the then 18-year-old son of the news anchor Heather Unruh – the claims are therefore "immoral attacks and attacks". But Spacey's defense disappears the tables, according to the "Boston Globe".

The alleged victim is thus said to have lied not only in relation to his age and thus illegally consumed a lot of alcohol – he claimed to be 23 and go to college. No, he should be the one who first got in touch with Spacey at the bar.

Why hasn't anyone seen it?

Furthermore, one wonders whether the then 18-year-old after the incident did not trust any authority – without shame and fear, as the other side should have returned. A big point of coercion: According to the victim's statement, Spacey's immoral touch lasted about three minutes, but he did not defend himself.

Spacey's lawyer Alan Jackson is quoted as saying, "It's been a long time to put a foreign hand in his pants, right?" Also, as apparently no one from the well-filled bar could experience the alleged attack, Jackson is said to have led the benefit of his client. As the responsible magistrate judges all of these arguments, it becomes most evident on January 7, if Spacey expresses himself personally in court.

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