Finn Jones responds to Netflix Show Cancellation

adminOctober 13, 2018

Finn Jones has responded to the cancellation of Iron fist. Yesterday it was revealed that Netflix was handing the ax to the Marvel series after only two seasons. Jones played as a titular hero, Danny Rand, who was not only the star of his own show, but also the center of The defenders as well. It is unlikely that this series will continue, although it is not completely off the table.

Iron fist was the fourth Marvel hero to debut on Netflix, but Danny did not share the same success as Reckless, Jessica JonesOR Luke Cage. His first outing was poorly received by critics and proved to be divisive among the fans as well. Although season 2 was not perfect, a change in the showrunner completely changed the result. The change from Scott Buck to M. Raven Metzner made the worst Marvel show on Netflix one of the best. But it was not enough to keep the program on the air.

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Finn Jones responded to the cancellation of Iron Fist today, via Instagram, with words that can give fans the hope that Danny's trip will continue in some way. The actor stated:

"With each end it is a new beginning. I have a huge love and respect for everyone involved in the last two seasons of this program. Defending the largest city in the world among the most talented and warm people has been a privilege and a joy. Blessed for taking this trip and grateful for the continued support. "

The news of Iron fistThe cancellation is particularly shocking due to the bases that the second season prepared for a third. It would not have been so surprising if the program's career had ended after his first disappointing start. However, the end of Session 2 left many fans excited about Colleen Wing's perspective as the new Iron Fist of New York City, as well as Danny and Ward who embarked on a journey to find Orson Randall. This opened the series for some exciting new stories that could now go unfinished. That may or may not be the case, considering Jones' reaction, as well as the feelings of Netflix and Marvel TV.

The most curious part of Jones' statement is the way he echoes the joint made by Netflix and Marvel, which claimed that "The immortal Iron Fist will live." It is not clear if this is simply a reference to the character's name or if there is something else in the story. However, Jones' own words make it appear that viewers have not seen Danny Rand's last. Appeared in the second year output of Luke Cage and there have been speculations that the two will join in a Heroes for Hire series. That is not the only option, however, considering the hopes of fans of a show focused on Daughters of the Dragon, that Danny could also appear. It's too early to tell if Iron fistThe story is over, but, at this point, little seems true.

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