Find out why a Russian mathematician claimed that the oldest woman in the world was not 122 years old

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Jeanne Calment went down in history as the oldest woman in the world. He died in 1997 at the age of 122 and 164 days, a figure no one has managed to match since then. However, we can face a complete scam, and the old woman may not have been 100 years old.

A Russian mathematician, Nikolai Zak, has spent months studying the life of this century-old French woman. In statements collected by Metro, Nikolai He assures that when he analyzed the found materials, he came to the conclusion that "Jeanne Calment's daughter, Yvonne, assumed the mother's identity". If true, the woman who died in 1997, Yvonne and "just" would have been 99 years old.

Zak, naturalist and member of Moscow State University, recently published its report. He called it & # 39; Jeanne Calment: Longevity & # 39; s secret & # 39;, and is based on a theory where the origin goes back almost a century. Yvonne died officially in 1934 from a problem with pleura inflammation. But according to the Russian mathematician who died on that date, his mother, Jeanne Calment, was really.

The theory of Zak ensures that Ivonne did so to avoid paying taxes on the inheritance, and it is supported in the physical differences in the Calment's identity card in the years 30 and its return decades later. In theory, I would have dark eyes, and it would measure 1.52, which does not match its characteristics shown years later.

Other experts support you

Valery Novoselov, a doctor specialized in aging, says that "as a doctor, I always had doubts about his age. The condition of his muscle system was different from that of his contemporaries.. He could sit without support or signs of dementia. "The fact that Calment asked to burn the photos as a young man when he was old serves only to burn the controversy.

Jeanne Calment's body can even be upgraded if more research support is collected. In fact, the researchers complained in 1997 that the autopsy was not done for the body and tried to find some reason that would explain a lifetime never seen in any human being.

It was common to listen to Jeanne Calment's joke about her dependence on chocolate and port wine, but she also realized that she occasionally smoked a cigarette.

source: The Confidential

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